Sunday, March 9, 2008

Vincent Van Gogh - March Artist

Vincent Van Gogh is our March "Artist of the Month."
He was born in the Netherlands on March 30, 1853.
He used color boldly with a type of painting technique called impasto.
This is a way of applying thick paint onto the canvas.
When you look at his paintings you will see a sense of urgency about his paint strokes. His use of color helped to created the mood of the painting.
He often painted a painting a day.
I want you to look at some of my favorites by Vincent Van Gogh.
Listen to the podcast below about composition before you look.

The first is at the MOMA in NYC. It is called "Starry Night"

The next is called Sunflowers and is located at the Philadephia Museum of Art.

This short video shows you some of his self portraits in an interesting way.

Would you like to try a puzzle? I made it easy for you and it is one of my most favorite Van Gogh landscapes. Just click on the puzzle and have fun!

Click to Mix and Solve

I hope you learned a little more about Vincent Van Gogh's compositions and will let me know by adding a post or comment.

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K. Wagner said...

I might get this from a student once I have everybody set to be a part of the blog. I don't expect the spelling to be done as well as this.

Hi Mrs. Wagner,
Van Gogh is my favorite artist and Starry Night is my favorite painting. I like that big star. It is a landscape, right?

Molly in room C33