Saturday, March 1, 2008

Introduction to Mrs. Wagner's Blog

Welcome to Mrs. Wagner's blog. I am an elementary art teacher and an artist. In my blog I will introduce, share, and discuss different art ideas with and for my students and friends. I will talk about all kinds of art related topics - art techniques, styles, procedures, history, my favorites, and whatever else moves me. I will share my favorite websites, places to visit, hints for my students (both past and present), and advice for my friends. I have taught the visual arts to all grade levels and have many former students who are now art teachers themselves. I hope we can share art ideas as well.
But presently my students are 4th and 5th graders so most of my entries will be directed about projects we create in class. I also hope to post interesting projects and ideas for my students to try at home. Other postings will include information about my monthly art contests and requirements, details about the art show, and any other tidbits I want to share. I hope you will check in often and see what is new.

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JonnaReph13 said...

This was set up very nicely. I really like that you added a video from youtube, and that you also told them about some of your favorite paintings.