Saturday, June 30, 2012

Printmaking and Pattern in KDG.

STILL - LIFE: Printmaking Patterns and 3D *****************************************************************************
In KDG. we have art class for 60 minutes. I have one sink for 16 o 22 students. This project requires 2 class periods to complete. ******************************************************************************** We discuss different types of compositions throughout the year. This is one lesson I use when discussing STILL LIFE. You can choose any artist you would like. I used Cezanne and Van Gogh. ********************************************************************************* We also discussed printmaking and what exactly it was. I usually show them some different types of printmaking and we talk about any experiences they may have had using printmaking techniques. First we used rounded shaped objects to print 4 or 5 flower shapes on different paper scraps. I use tempera paint, printmaking ink, or printing pads, depending on which I have at the time. ****************************************************************************** While they were drying and we were cleaning up our printmaking areas, we then took a rectangle of color (precut by the teacher) and created patterns on it (we had discussed patterns earlier in the year). The students pick from different piles of color. The last thing we do on Day 1 is to pick out a background piece of paper, put our names on the back and make a patterned table or tablecloth.
********************************************************************************** On day 2, we cut out our flower shapes. We glue down the colored rectangle so it makes a 3D shape and curves out from the paper. On the paper we add stems, leaves, etc. to our compositions. The students may add any ideas they would like to create.
********************************************************************************* If we still have some time left, we glue our project down to a larger piece of paper to create a border. We decorate it.