Monday, August 29, 2011

George Wesley Bellows

I chose George Bellows as our August artist because I like his painting style and especially his paintings of fighters.

"Dempsey and Firpo"

George Bellows was an American realist painter often of urban life. Realism means it looks exactly as it appears. He was born on August 19, 1882 (and raised) in Columbus, Ohio.

He loved baseball and art. He played college baseball at Ohio State (1901-1904). He was a talented ball player but loved art. Right before he was about to graduate from college, he moved to New York City to study art there.

"A Stag at Sharkey's"

He became involved with the Ashcan School which was a group of artists who advocated painting contemporary American society in all its forms. Contemporary means living or occurring at the same time.

Unfortunately he died at age 42 in New York City from acute appendicitis. He leaves behind a collection of paintings that have a distinct style.

"Both Members of This Club" (1909)

Do you think you could paint some action figures or a landscape that you know? Maybe it would be soccer players, or swimmers or a favorite place you like to visit. Your ideas and imagination can take you wherever you want to be.

"The Picket Fence"