Sunday, July 25, 2010

Henry Moore

I have chosen Henry Moore as our artist for July. Here he is pictured with his daughter.

Henry Spencer Moore was born on July 30th, 1898 in Castleford, Yorkshire, England. He is considered by many to be England’s greatest sculptor. He is known for his large organic abstraction sculptures. These sculptures were often in bronze and can be found around the world as public works.

He came from a large family and both parents were strong and supportive. He had a happy childhood but his parents didn’t want him to be a sculptor. So he became a teacher. But after WW1 he decided to go back to school and investigate art. I am glad he did.

Below are some of his sculptures. Do you agree that they are abstracted and modern art?

He did many sculptures of families. Here is one he worked on from 1945 to 1949.

You can find Nuclear Energy (1967) at the University of Chicago.

I like Helmet Head No. 2 (1950). I think it would make a great cartoon character or someone in an animated film.

Here are two pictures of Moore working on some his sculptures. These give you a better idea of the size of his works.

Henry Moore once said, “The observation of nature is a crucial part of an artist’s life.” Do you agree or disagree?

Click on: the case of the mysterious object to investgate a sculpture from beginning to completion.