Monday, August 27, 2012

Organizing the Art Room

I have been thinking about what art lesson to share this month and I decided since it is the beginning of a new school year; I would share a tip instead. ******************************************************************* My classroom has 6 tables with 4 students at each table. You could do this with individual desks too (by grouping four together). Each table has a name - your choice - I use art periods with a poster of each period by each of my 6 tables. The students learn very quickly what art period is their table. ******************************************************************** I put little round stickers on each corner of each table. I bought a pack of dots at Wal-Mart. They are Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow and Bright Green. I have a chart posted on the wall with job assignments - Supplies, Collector, Clean Up and Helper. I use Velcro strips on the backs of the 4 rectangles on my chart. ******************************************************************** I change the chart the beginning of every cycle. I never worry about missing a student or calling on one too often. My chart solves that. The Helper job does any jobs if someone else is absent or we just need extra help with one of the other jobs. ******************************************************************** Supplies - Pass out all supplies for the lesson. Collector - Collect all supplies, materials, and tools. Clean Up - Clean up table, floor, scraps, etc. Helper - Do job of absent person or help one of other three. ******************************************************************** I would like to take credit for this idea, but like most, it was passed down to me from a former art teacher I worked with for many years. Thank you Diane! It has served me well for more years than I care to say.

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