Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder is the artist I picked for our July birthday artist. There were many artists born in July, but Sandy Calder is no doubt, my favorite. He was born in Lawnton, Pennsylvania (that’s close to Philadelphia) on July 22, 1898. His father and grandfather were both sculptors. Calder’s mother was also a professional portrait painter.

Calder also became a sculptor. Kinetic sculpture probably describes his works the best. Kinetic sculptures are sculptures that actually move in space. Calder created stabiles and mobiles (his first in 1932). He also designed and built large public sculptures. He was 76 when he died on November 11, 1976.

Click on the following words to better understand and view some of Calder’s works.

Definitions of Mobile, Sculpture, and Stabile

The Circus


Object with Red Ball

The Crab

I think using some found objects you could very easily make a stabile or mobile. Just some string, wire, foam, beads, paper, whatever and you are a sculptor too. Sandy Calder made his parents a kinetic sculpture when he was in 4th grade. I hope you will give it a try.


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I didn't know anything about this great sculptor, his works are amazing, thanks for sharing such wonderful pieces of art and knowldege